A disappointing start

by Michael Sturgess

Last month I decided to give pinhole photography a go.
I bought a 35mm Holga pinhole camera, dusted off my light meter, spent some time working out the f-stop conversions and out I went.
I shot the first roll around the city. At first I felt unsure about the Holga; the film counter never seemed to be in the correct position and when winding on the film it would sometimes roll forwards and then back a bit. I thought maybe it’s just a Holga quirk. After I shot the first roll of film, the film counter reached 30 – on a roll of 24. When I rewound the film after two seconds it was done. Annoyingly the film hadn’t spooled properly and so I’d wasted a day shooting nothing.


I decided to give it another go. I made sure that the second roll of film was spooled correctly and out I went again. I was a lovely sunny day so most of the exposures were between 4-8 seconds. The longest exposure time was 31 seconds.
Again I had the same issues with the film counter and the film rolling back.
To be honest, I’m not too impressed with the results, apart from the accidental double-exposures.


4 second exposure time


6 second exposure time


31 seconds exposure time


4 seconds exposure time overall


6 seconds exposure time overall

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London. January 2016.