Light Leak

by Michael Sturgess


The problem with buying old or vintage cameras is that you never really know if they are working properly.


Only once you’ve processed the first roll of film shot through the camera do you find out if there are any problems.


My ‘new’ Yashica TAF had a problem, it had sprung a leak – a light leak.
This caused flashes on the edges of the frame and a washed out look to the photographs. A bit like Instagram.




The light was coming through a little window on the back of the camera which reminds you which type of film you have loaded into the camera. The window was missing a tiny bit of felt which kept the light out.



A couple of strips of duct tape has now solved this problem. But, I think I much prefer the light leak look.

All text and images © Michael Sturgess 2013. All Rights Reserved.

London. April – August, 2013.