by Michael Sturgess

I visited Melbourne in September 2009, the city reminded me a bit of London – it rained – and some other european cities that I’d been to before.

I loved wandering around as it was impossible to get lost. The streets all lead you back to the Yarra River, which splits Melbourne in two.
There’s a nice arty vibe, a good mix of people, old and new architecture, lots of great bars and coffee shops perfect for people watching.
I was staying with my friends Kat and Simon who had just moved to a house on the outskirts of Melbourne. Simon is a wedding photographer so on his free days we drove out to the Dandenongs Ranges and to the set of Neighbours. And for one evening in St Kilda, I was his assistant.

Simon and I also went to visit Healesville and Marysville. On February 7, 2009 a bushfire destroyed most of Marysville. In a town with over 400 buildings, only 14 survived. It was a very humbling to be standing amongst the remains of peoples houses.
It was also so eerie to be surrounded by trees in total silence, no animals, no birds, just silence. The trees were still covered black with soot but we did see the beginnings of regrowth.

All text and images © Michael Sturgess 2012. All Rights Reserved.

View from Rialto Towers, Melbourne, Australia. September 2009.
Victoria Harbour, Melbourne, Australia. September 2009.
Coops Shot Tower, Melbourne, Australia. September 2009.
Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria, Australia. September 2009.
Marysville, Victoria, Australia. September 2009.