Six, maybe seven . . .

by Michael Sturgess


Just before Christmas a friend asked me how many film cameras I have. “Not enough!” was my first reply, then I thought about it and said “six, maybe seven cameras, it can’t be more then that”.
Over Christmas I decided to check just how many film cameras I do have.
Seventeen film cameras, of which sixteen of them work.


The Bencini Koroll II was made in Milan back in the 1950s and it is one of my favourite cameras to use.
It feels solid in your hands, easy to use and takes great photographs.


The VP Twin camera that I have was made in the UK in 1952. When I first got it it took me a few weeks to find film for it, and a lab to then process the film. It’s very basic with no focus, timing or aperture settings, the film doesn’t always lay flat and sometimes it winds on by itself. I’m always surprised with the results.


All text and images © Michael Sturgess 2013. All Rights Reserved.

St Paul’s Cathedral, London. May 2012.
Millie, Bloomsbury, London. April 2011.