Two for a tenner

by Michael Sturgess

Two compact film cameras for £10 from a charity shop.
The Samsung Fino 105S which looks like a camera, and the Minolta Zoom 80 which looks, feels and sounds like a toy.




My friend and I took a walk from Blackheath to Greenwich and then from Canary Wharf to Tower Bridge to test both cameras out.

The Minolta Zoom 80 takes great photos. I was really impressed with the results.





I had high hopes for the Samsung Fino 105S. It looked nice and felt good in the hand. Unfortunately it had a few issues. It liked to override the choice of shooting mode you picked, so half the time using it was spent pressing buttons until it was happy.





About halfway through the day the Samsung had had enough. It took a photo, wound on and then it wouldn’t let me take any more photos despite lots of button pressing (and swearing). It stopped working completely.
The Minolta is the keeper and the Samsung is off to eBay.

All text and images © Michael Sturgess 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Blackheath, London, March 2015.
Greenwich, London. March 2015.
Canary Wharf, London. March 2015.