VP Twin

by Michael Sturgess

In December 2010 my friend gave me a VP Twin camera as a Christmas gift.
The VP Twin is a very basic camera. It has no focus, timing or aperture settings. And it uses 127 roll film.
It took me a couple of weeks to source some film and also a lab who would process the film. Using the VP Twin means you can get 16 exposures from one roll of film.

I had a few teething problems at first. The first roll of film was too slow for the overcast day I used it on. The second roll of film wouldn’t lay flat across the back of the camera and sometimes the film would wind on by itself,  so this resulted in some interesting shots.

But I have persevered with the VP Twin and it has travelled with me to Milan and Venice and I’ve also used colour film, which works well with the VP Twin.
In March 2011 I started a project of taking my friends portraits using the VP Twin. I’ll post these images and the colour VP Twin images on the blog soon.

All text and images © Michael Sturgess 2012. All Rights Reserved.

St Paul’s Cathedral, London, UK. February 2011.
Richmond, London, UK. February 2011.
Richmond Park, London, UK. February 2011.